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Medical Scribes 

Roles and Responsibilities 

The role of a medical scribe in the emergency department is to assist provider's by effectively documenting patient charts. Scribes are to capture the reason for a patient's visit and other pertinent information like past medical history, past surgical history, family history, social history, physical exam findings, imaging/lab results, procedures performed, and treatment plans. Scribes positive affect provider productivity, revenue, patient volume, and efficiency. Being a scribe is also a great way to gain clinical experience and work alongside an emergency room medical provider. 

Emergency Department Scribe Performance Surveys 

These surveys are available for the providers in the ED to complete in order to help the lead team gather feedback on overall scribe performance. 

Wajiha Akif 

Michelle Armenta

Preston Dam 

Raneem Alaraj 

Alyssa Bruns 

Katherine Damar 

Alborz Amani 

Danielle Catacutan 

Bayaske Amerina 

Allyssa Chan 

Olivia Dinh 

Andrew Dong 

Zachary Garcia 

Rafik Gewaid 

Sarai Jimenez 

Lloyd Kao 

Ibrahim Khan 

Meghan Minahan 

Nezam Newman 

Jacqueline Reliford 

Samantha Monroy 

Joel Oswari 

Alexis Rodriguez

Fiona Monte 

Dhrasti Parmar 

Evelyn Salazar 

Alyssa Kumari 

Hallie Moore 

Rutu Patel 

Ashwinii Saravanan

Tyler Horvath 

Catherine Mah 

Mauriama Moore

Diana Quiroz 

Sekirou Shimono 

Celena Supapo 

Maire-Colleen Tansey 

Mark-Anthony Valentin 

Andrew Velasquez 

Bridget Villanueva 

Eden Yu 

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