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EM Residency


RUH EM Residents

The Inaugural Class of 2021

Umron Alkotob

Alkotob, Umron .jpg

Hometown: South Plainfield, NJ

Undergraduate Education: Indiana University

Major: Biology with a minor in Chemistry

Medical School: A.T Still University of Osteopathic Medicine

Hidden Talents: Recipe Development

Favorite Hobbies: Working out, surfing, tennis, and cooking

Favorite Place Traveled to: Still searching for it

Interesting Fact: I enjoy heist movies and am a bit of a sneaker head

Kevin Dales

Hometown: Newport Beach, CA

Undergraduate Education: UC Berkeley

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology

Medical School: Touro University California

Hidden Talents: I'm good at fixing random things

Favorite Hobbies: Hiking, exploring, computers, board games

Favorite Place traveled to: Glacier National Park

Interesting Fact: I've been to 22 National Parks and hope to visit them all

Picture - Kevin Dales.jpg

Alexander Gau

Gau, Alexander.jpg

Hometown: Walnut, CA

Undergraduate Education: UC Irvine

Major: Neuroscience

Medical School: Western University

Hidden Talents: Make music and must require at least 10-12 hours of sleep per day

Favorite Hobbies: Boxing

Favorite Place traveled to: Japan

Interesting Fact: I recently bought a new dog from Korea

Charles Lewsadder

Hometown: Stewart, FL

Undergraduate Education: Florida State University

Major: Biology

Medical School: Kansas City University

Hidden Talents: Rock climbing

Favorite Hobbies: Rock climbing, playing guitar, golf, and volleyball 

Favorite Place traveled to: Berma

Interesting Fact: I craft my own beer

Lewsadder, Charles.jpg

Jackson Lu

Lu, Jackson.jpg

Hometown: Rowland Heights, CA

Undergraduate Education: Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Major: Microbiology

Medical School: Western University

Hidden Talents: Cooking

Favorite Hobbies: Food and Fitness

Favorite Place Traveled to: Hawaii

Interesting Fact: The darker the humor, the funnier

Raj Patel

Hometown: Moorpark

Undergraduate Education: UC San Diego

Major: Human Biology, BS

Medical School: Touro University California

Hidden Talents: I can sleep in any position

Favorite Hobbies: Running, watching anime, anything outdoors

Favorite Place traveled to: Tanzania

Patel, Raj.jpg

Carl Rhodes

Rhodes, Carl.jpg

Hometown: Zionsville, IN

Undergraduate Education: Purdue University

Major: Computer Science

Medical School: Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hidden Talents: Fixing your Wifi

Favorite Hobbies: Gym, playing with my dog, cooking (& eating)

Favorite Place Traveled to: Dominican Republican

Interesting Fact: I used to be a software engineer for Cerner!

Oscar Salaiz

Hometown: West Covina, CA

Undergraduate Education: UC Santa Barbara

Major: Biopsychology

Medical School: Western University

Hidden Talents: Coaching my kids sport teams

Favorite Hobbies: Running, surfing, lifting weights, and playing soccer 

Favorite Place traveled to: Ecuador

Interesting Fact: I used to teach mindfulness meditation and was a personal trainer

Salaiz, Oscar.jpg

Jonathan Tom

Tom, Jonathan.jpg

Hometown: Arcadia, CA

Undergraduate Education: University of Southern California

Major: Biological Sciences

Medical School: Western University

Hidden Talents: Finding water on any golf course

Favorite Hobbies: Golf, traveling, playing with my dog

Favorite Place Traveled to: Interlaken, Switzerland

Interesting Fact: The Houston Astros cheated in the World Series in 2017

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