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Attending Physicians

Michael Mesisca, D.O. , M.S., CCHPP

  • Medical Director/Department Chairman Department of Emergency Medicine RUHS 
  • Director, RUHS Disaster Medicine Team
  • Medical Director, RUHS Ancillary Services
  • C.M.O. Correctional Health RUHS
  • Hometown: Arcadia
  • Undergraduate Education: BS Neuroscience Claremont McKenna College
  • Medical Education: Western University of Health Sciences
  • Residency Program:  Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Emergency Medicine 2012
  • Passions in life include Family, Surfing, Soccer, Coaching, the Ocean, Drumming and Pearl Jam
  • Passions in Medicine include Leadership and Operations improvement; Critical Care; Public Health and Wellness; Correctional Health.
  • Awarded Emerging Leadership Award from the RUHS Medical Staff, June 2020

Fairuz Harfouche-Despujos, M.D.

Atten​ding Physician, Throughput Team Lead
  • Hometown: Portuguesa, Venezuela

  • Undergraduate Education: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

  • Medical Education: University of Nevada, Reno Medical School

  • Residency Program: LLU EM

  • Passions: Wellness, cooking

  • Passions in medicine: site operations and throughput


Eugene Hu, M.D. 

Attending Physician 
  • Hometown: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • Undergrad: Rice University, Houston, TX

  • Med school: Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center - New Orleans

  • Residency: Loma Linda University Medical Center

  • Passions in life: being a dad, baking 

  • Resident Projects: Spiked Helmet Sign, Bilateral Tonsillitis Abscess, Bilateral, Asymmetrical Hip Dislocation


Stephanie Loe, M.D.

Attending Physician 
  • Hometown; Cypress, CA

  • Undergrad: UCLA B.S. Biology 

  • Med School: Wayne State University School of Medicine (Detroit, MI)

  • Residency: Loma Linda Emergency Medicine

  • Current Research: COVID-19 

  • Passions in Life: pets, family, travel, challenges 

  • Passions in Medicine: International Mission Trips, Disaster Medicine 


Timothy Nesper, M.D.

Associate Residency Director, Emergency Medicine LLUMC, Assistant Clinical Professor LLUMC
  • ​Hometown: San Clemente, CA

  • Undergrad Degree: UCSB Bio Science

  • Medical School Degree:  Keck School of Medicine, USC

  • Residency Program: LAC/USC 1986

  • Current Research:

  • Passions in life include Family, Faith and Friendship

  • Passions in Medicine include Team Work, Teaching, Patient Wellness


Andrew Pachon, M.D.

Attending Physician 
  • Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • Undergraduate degree and University: Claremont McKenna College, BA Psychology 

  • Graduate School: University of Southern California, Master of Public Administration 

  • Medical School: University of Illinois at Chicago 

  • Residency: Loma Linda University, EM 

  • Passions in Life: Family, Woodworking, Do-It-Yourself Projects, Cake Decorating 

  • Passions in Medicine: Prehospital & Disaster Medicine, Resuscitation 

  • Current Research: Prehospital quality improvement, Disaster Medicine


Amy Russell, M.D. 

Attending Physician 
  • Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

  • Undergraduate degree and university: UC San Diego

  • Medical school: Lewis Katz SOM at Temple University

  • Residency Program: Loma Linda University

  • Passions in life: Friends/family, beach going, board sports, dogs

  • Passions in medicine: Shock resuscitation and medical education

Russell, Amy.jpg

David Englander, M.D.

Attending Physician *Emeritus
  • Undergrad Degree: BS Penn State

  • Medical School Degree: Lewis Katz School of Medicine - Temple University

  • Residency Program: Int Med 75/Emergency Med 77

  • Current Research: Stroke Care and Transfers

  • Passions in life include Politics and Social Justice

  • Passions in Medicine include Stroke Controversies


John Naftel, M.D.

Attending Physician *Emeritus
  • Hometown: Ontario, CA

  • Undergraduate: UCLA with one semester at USC

  • Medical School: David Geffen UCLA

  • Residency: Rotating Internship one year (formally Internal Medicine)

  • Passions in life: Spouse, outdoor adventures, equestrian, dogs, food and wine, history

  • Passions in medicine: Beside, clinical dialogue with learners, what’s new in science, what’s just been disproven in accepted “truths”


Mark Thomas, D.O.

Assistant Medical Director and Vice Chairman
  • Hometown:  Garden Grove, Ca
  • Undergrad Degree:  BS/BA Biology/Psychology UC Irvine
  • Medical School Degree:  Western University of Health Sciences
  • Residency Program:  LLUMC EM 1992
  • Passions in life include Family, Skiing, Mountain Biking and Travel
  • Passions in Medicine include Education
Assistant Director.jpg

Korbin Hayccock, M.D.

A​ttending Physician 
  • Hometown: Scottsdale AZ

  • Undergraduate Education: La Sierra University, Riverside CA

  • Medical Education: Loma Linda University

  • Residency Program: Loma Linda EM

  • Passions in life: Celtic Football Club, Motorcycles, 

  • Passions in Medicine: Resuscitation, Echocardiography, POCUS

  • Current Research: VExUS, Sepsis, Intrarenal Doppler in resuscitation, Pulmonary ultrasound in CHF.  Pulmonary ultrasound in COVID, Hemodynamics in shock 

Haycock, Korbin

Joel Labha, D.O.

Attending Physician 
  • Hometown: Dubai, U. A. E.

  • Undergraduate degree and university: Pacific Union College

  • Medical school: Western University

  • Residency Program: Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

  • Passions in life: Family, Soccer, Music

  • Passions in medicine: Education, Personal Growth and Development

  • Current research: How to deliver the perfect dad-joke every time: a prospective, randomized, double-blind, meta-analysis... of sorts. 


Thomas Minahan, D.O.

Attending Physician 
  • Hometown: Bellflower, California 

  • Undergraduate degree and university: UC Riverside, BS Biochemistry

  • Medical school: Western University

  • Residency Program: Midwestern University

  • Passions in life: Family, Family, Family

  • Passions in medicine: All things Epilepsy related

  • Current research: Utility of Instant EEG ability in the ER


Humberto Ochoa, M.D. 

Attending Physician 
  • Hometown: Cenotillo, Mexico; Later moved to San Bernardino

  • Undergraduate Education: University of California, Riverside

  • Medical Education: University of Utah, Medical School

  • Residency:

  • IM Internship: U of Las Vegas (83-84) 

  • Kern Medical Center (84-86)

  • Riverside County EMS Medical Director from 1992-2014. Attending at RUHS since 1987.

  • Passions in Medicine: Teaching, Sharing clinical experience, Patient compassion

  • Passions in Life: Golf, Soccer, Military History, Cooking, Foodie, Hot-tubbing with the family


Melanie Randall, M.D. 

Attending Physician 
  • Hometown:  Loma Linda
  • Undergrad Degree:  BS Stanford University
  • Medical School Degree:  LLU School of Medicine
  • Residency Program:  LLUMC 2011
  • Current Research:  Pancreatitis in children
  • Passions in Medicine include Congenital Cardiac Disease  

Rolando Sy, M.D.

Attending Physician 
  • Hometown: Philippines 

  • Undergraduate degree and Universities: University of Santo Tomas & SFSU (Degree: Biology)

  • Medical School: UCI

  • Residency: RUHS Family Medicine 

  • Passions in Life: Fishing, Basketball, Running

  • Passions in Medicine: Helping the indigent population

Sy, Rolando.JPG

Michael Flores, D.O.

Attending Physician *Emeritus
  • Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga

  • Degree: BS in Biology, CSUSB

  • Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences

  • Residency: ARMC

  • Life passions: Bitcoin, programming, finance, gaming, snowboarding, BBQing and hanging with the family. 

  • Medicine passions: Resuscitation and education.

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