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ED 2 Exclusions

ED 2 Exclusions

  1. ***

The following chief complaints exclude the patient from placement in ED 2.  ​

** Please obtain HR and O2 for ESI 3 prior to ED2

** Please refer to a Provider if the patient is borderline or you are unsure of the appropriateness of the patients location

  • ESI of 1 or 2

  • Non-ambulatory elderly patients

  • Any patient >65 years old with an ESI 3 or less

  • Pediatric patients under 6 months (consult a provider if questionable)

  • Pediatric patients with a suspicion of/or requiring a head CT

    • Includes LOC​

  • Chest pain >40 years old or any patient with a cardiac history

  • Abdominal pain >50 years old

  • Psychiatric complaints with high suspicion of needing a BERT consult and/or PSA 1:1 (includes DTO, DTS, GD)

  • ETOH or drug related complaints

    • Any patient who appears under the influence/incapacitated/ altered. ​

  • Trauma patients that meet trauma activation criteria or trauma center criteria. 

    • Significant mechanisms, including MVAs​

  • Eye complaints 

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