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PA Fellows 2022-2023

Ben Juarez

Juarez, Ben.jpeg

Hello, my name is Ben Juarez, and I am a native of Southern California. After honorably separating from The United States Navy, I attended Loma Linda University for my undergraduate studies and for PA school. While serving in the military, I worked as a Fire Fighter and Boat Operator; after the military, I worked as a Forensics Pathology Technician and then as an Emergency Room Technician prior to becoming an emergency medicine PA-Fellow here at RUHS. I specifically chose EM as my specialty because I enjoy the diversity of patient presentations, the fast-paced environment, and the well-controlled chaotic atmosphere only found in EM. Outside of the professional environment I truly enjoy the great outdoors (i.e., snowboarding, mountain biking, scuba diving, and hiking), playing guitar, and exercising in the gym. After the EMPA Fellowship I plan to continue to work in the ED, assist in missionary work overseas, and participate in search & rescue locally and nationally.

Grace Knerr

Knerr, Grace.jpg

Hi! My name is Grace and I am one of the 5 Fall 2022 fellows! I am originally from Fishers, Indiana where I grew up and went to Indiana University (go Hoosiers!). I moved to OC while I was an EMT prior to PA school. I earned my MSPA at Western University and headed right into the fellowship out of school. I have been interested in emergency medicine since I became a lifeguard at age 14. I chose to do the fellowship because I didn’t feel comfortable practicing emergency medicine without a year of support and learning at RUHS. In my free time, I enjoy doing CrossFit, reading fiction, and spending time with my cats, fiancé, and family.

Tammy Nguyen

Nguyen, Tammy.jpg

Hi, my name is Tammy! I grew up in the Inland Empire, where I worked as a scribe before PA school. I witnessed the challenges and gratification of caring for acutely sick patients through scribing. Being able to practice with empathy, face uncertainty, think swiftly, and be hands-on attracted me to emergency medicine. I pursued my MSPA at Cal Baptist University and graduated in August 2021. I went straight into this fellowship, and I feel blessed to be a part of an incredible team! When I'm not in the hospital, I enjoy being outdoors and doing activities such as hiking, backpacking, fishing, free-diving, and climbing. I've also been into weightlifting lately! I embrace every opportunity for adventure and have been fortunate to visit over 15 countries and 20 national parks. I firmly believe that when you're out of your comfort zone, this is when you learn and live the most

Tamar Zwick

Zwick, Tamar.jpg

Hi my name is Tamar and I'm one of the fall EM PA fellows.  I graduated from Emory PA program in 2017 and have been working as a PA in the psychiatric emergency room in Denver Colorado prior to starting the fellowship with RUHS.  Prior to becoming a PA I was a paramedic, working EMS in 5 different states.  While in PA school I was privileged with the experience of working in  Tanzania to help develop EMS curriculum for the country; I love traveling to different areas and seeing the differences and similarities in medicine across the world.   Emergency medicine has always been my passion and I'm pleased to be back in the broader EM world.  In my free time I can be found spending time with family.  

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