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Advanced Provider Onboarding Education 

Welcome to the Team.  The Journey Begins.  The first 3-12 months in the Emergency Department is like a fire hose in the face.  With time and a huge investment of energy (seeing patients, asking questions, reading, listening to podcasts, asking more questions, reading and seeing more patients) we will transform you unto an elite advanced provider or young physician.

Resources Provided

Reading list and 3 month schedule for your education

All new hires are expected to know this material within 3 months of start date.

Recommended (strongly) EMRAP access and begin with C3 content

Recommended text book

Vituity team members, access the LMS site for the Vituity Academy and the ACE modules that match the reading.

Recommended EM Bootcamp provided online or attendance for Vituity Team Advanced Providers within 3-6 months of hire date

See "Education" section of this site for more resources.

AP Scheduling Agreement

AP Leadership Job Descriptions

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